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Stock Ties
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   ۞  Stock Ties

Winning in Dressage requires years of training, experience, practice and a personal commitment to excellence.


At, we are Dressage students, judges, trainers and competitors as well. We understand what it takes to be in the Zone and at the Top of Your Game. When you go down the center line, you want to present yourself and your horse as winners.


That's why we have decided to offer the stock ties we have been hand sewing for ourselves to other competitors. After being asked for years to make these beautiful, quality products for our friends, we can finally take the hint.



   ۞  Extraordinary Beauty and Unmatched Quality

We make every one of them by hand. Yes it's true. We pleat, interface, sew, bead, embellish, iron, measure, cut, everything, by hand in America. Each one of our products is truly unique and takes many hours to complete. Our quality control in unsurpassable, the fabrics we use are the very best, as are the crystals, beads, lace, embroidery and trims.


Our stock ties are washable and durable and truly amazing, even though they look like delicate bridal gowns.


And because we show in dressage, we have worked out all of the problems with stock ties through years of experience. When we ride to the show ring, we are fully confident in our apparel and know we have the very best.


After all,you deserve it and so does your horse. Look like a winner and be a winner.